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Enter the following information below to submit your post for approval. The script will check to see that the URLs you have entered are valid, so make sure your webserver is up and running before you submit here.


  • No sites with pop ups, consoles, or frames. No banner farms
  • One picture per webmaster per day.
  • Clean sites (no other PicPost links) are ok, I will post you without a link back. Otherwize a link is required. Banners & buttons here
  • Thumb pages must have at least 10 pics per page.
  • If you have broken links on your page you will NOT be listed.
  • If you have buttons to other PicPosts and a text link to me you will not be listed.
  • The catagory you pick must fit the pics. Submit to "Teens" with 30 year olds pics you will not be listed.
  • Descriptions try to describe the picture correctly. I am sick of having to edit post. Don't put "Teens Fucking" to describe some chick flashing!
  • No scripts that add shit to peoples bookmarks! you will be banned here.
  • Thanks to the webmasters that follow the rules : )

So according to these rules: if you have any buttons of PicPosts one your site, please be sure to post the following html on your site (if you do so please submit the reciprocal url!):

If you are a partner, please submit your posts here.

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